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You don't have to be
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Classical Music is the first genre of music ever created. It started in the Mid 1600s.

Musical RootsEdit

Classical music being the first genre of music in history it therefor does not have any routes. Classical Music started in Austria & Germany. It later became popular in Italy & France and spread throughout Europe.

Stylistic MovementsEdit

Classical Music had a very distinct style for its time. This included bad teeth, funny looking wigs and aristocratic clothes. Musically the music is supposed to embrace emotions of love and it embraces gracefulness. It can also express ideas of life and death. This is common in an Opera. Classical music uses many different instruments some of which include organs, pianos, basses, violins, bassoons and flutes.

Early PioneersEdit

Styles Influenced By Classical MusicEdit

The first American style of music that Classical Music gave birth to was Jazz. Ragtime also became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. From Jazz Blues & Rhythm and Blues came about. From those two genres Rock and Roll came about. Classical Music has influenced every genre of music that has ever seen the light of day.

Modern Classical Music MusiciansEdit

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