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A civilization refer to a collection of peoples who share similar cultural root as well as the struggle to survive against nature and the type of bear that plague them

Like humans, bears are also superpredators, meaning almost every other animals are hunted by humans and bears. Furthermore, like humans, bears are also highly adaptive, meaning you can find bears in every corner of the globe. The long history of humans and bears as they both try to expand and dominate the globe developed awkwardly and involved relationships ranging from humans hunting bears to bears hunting humans to humans worshiping bears to bears worshiping humans to various human-bear alliances.

Europe Edit

Eurasia Edit

East-Asia Edit

  • Sina civilization (see also Panda Bear, Blue Bear)
    • Chinese civilization
      • Han
      • Zhang
      • Man
      • Hui
      • Miao
    • Korean
    • Tibetan
    • Mongolian

Mideast Edit

  • Mesopotamian civilization (see also Syrian Bear)

South-Asia Edit

  • Indian civilization (see also Himalayan Bear)

Americas Edit

  • Aztec civilization (see also Kodiak Bear, Silver Bear)
    • Proto-Americas civilization (see also Grizzly Bear)
      • Sioux
      • Cheyenne
      • Arapaho
      • Lakota
      • Nakota
      • Dakota

Australia Edit

  • Proto-Australian civiliation (see also Koala Bear)

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