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The Civil Air Patrol, also known as the United States Air Force Auxiliary, has a fleet of 550 single-engine piston aircraft for missions such as Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Counter Drug, Aerial Reconnaissance, and Damage Assessment. The C.A.P. saves over 100 lives a year and in WWII defended our coasts from German and Japanese U-Boats. They sank 2 U-Boats and damaged many more. They also defended America (the greatest country ever), from a massive frontal attack from the radical bear movement.

The Story Edit

George W. Bush heroically went back in time to stop the attacks on the World Trade Center before they happened. Mr. Bush established the Civil Air Patrol in order to bomb Osama Bin Laden's parents as they were "working it."

The President returned to the present to discover that not only were the attacks not prevented but the C.A.P. had been disbanded. The Honorable Stephen Colbert came up with the idea to draft the entire nation into the military. The President thought this idea was genius and reorganized the Civil Air Patrol, which is now a department of the U.S. government that accepts civilians into the military.

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