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I being of insane mind conservative mind do declare that nothing will ever convince me that a man born of mixed mooslim race here in these United States of America can ever be President. God blessed us white people Real Americans with our own country and by GOD nobody who was born on some island is gonna change it! AMEN!
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~ Citizenship Truther Pledge

Can I sleep at your place? mu mom is sick of me living in the basement.

Citizenship Truthers are American citizens more concerned about the Constitution than anyone else on the planet, especially ACLU.



The document in question.

Citizenship Truthers was established back in 1880 to uncover a British/Canadian conspiracy to turn America into weak Canadians. Chester Arthur Stalin stole the Presidency by claiming to be an American Citizen when was in fact Canadian, it is also suspected that he was also responsible for the assassination of President James Garfield by dosing his lasagna with heavy cholesterol... the devious bastard. Thankfully Real American Hero Arthur Hinman found proof of his Canadian Birth Certificate and Chester Arthur Stalin was impeached the next day!







Emergency News: Facebook Joins The Fight Against Mooslim Tyrant!Edit

Yes! Citizenship Truthers have gone viral and digital. We have now reached the corner of the series of tubes!



That's right Nation. Citizenship Truthers have uncovered evidence that Joe Biden May not in fact be American at all! To know more about the truthiness you can follow the trail of evidence at

New Mission: Abolish the 14th AmendmentEdit

The 14th Amendment is giving free rides to fureigners and their children, it is time to stop this entitlement program and fight back for America! And once the 14th Amendment is abolished we can expel Obama since he is not American!

Citizenship Truthers with Birth CertificatesEdit

Book birther sekret identity

This 500 pages book will reveal Obama's sekret identity... on the sequel. Buy it or we will never know the truth!

To demonstrate the nefariousness nature of the Obama fureigness, Real Americans have volunteered to show their own birth certificates to overthrow this mooslim regime:

2012 Truther of the YearEdit

The Evidence so far:

  1. Based on 2008 theories Obama is not a real citizen, he's a full-blooded Kenyan born outside of America, the land of Freedom (Hawaii is not in America); except for the new 2012 theory where he IS indeed a U.S. citizen, only because Obama forged his Kenyan birth certificate to win the Kenyan vote. Obama's real father was an American radical black intellectual who photoshopped himself out of photos of 8 year old Obama to cover up the fact that Obama was born from an American father (and who is also black!), and 'shooped in his mother in his own place, except for her hand, which is black (and obviously belongs to Secret Black Militant Dad). The theory is that Obama is a foreigner AND a home-grown Black Panther in waiting, making the scandal double shocking! His parents totally conspired to conceive the first black president in advance, and only under circumstances that would complicate the validity of their own son's very existence as much as possible. A very clever and believable plot to overthrow America.

  2. Secretly Muslim.

  3. Secretly gay and gay-divorced.

So to recap: Barack Obama is a secretly gay and secretly gay-divorced Muslim Kenyan But Also Black Militant whose presidency was pre-destined to scare the shit out of incidentally paranoid white people Real Americans who thought they'd never live to see a swarthy person Kenyan gay mooslim socialist in power.


A citizenship truther has conveniently unearthed a video of Obama's birth![10] This is damning evidence!

The liberal media is up in arms, trying to deny that the video is authentic.

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