"Cities Controlled by Bears"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™

Don't Be Fooled by Bears!

Bears will use these 3 steps to lure you to their cities:

Step One: Make pretty signs. People love pretty signs.
Step Two: Bears Eat People!
Step Three: Back To Step 1 and repeat.


  • Bear, Deleware
  • Bear Valley Springs, California
  • Big Bear City, California
  • Bear River City, Utah
  • White Bear Lake, Minnesota
  • Big Bear Lake, California
  • Big Bear Mountain And Resort, California
  • Bear Lake County, Idaho
  • Bear Creek, Alabama
  • Bear Swamp, South Carolina
  • Kodiak, Alaska
  • Bear Lake, Michigan
  • Bear Creek, Montana
  • Beargrass, North Carolina
  • Bearfield Township, Ohio
  • Bearden, Oklahoma
  • Bear Creek Village, Pennsylvania
  • Bear Lake, Pennsylvania
  • Bear Bluff, Wisconsin
  • Bear Creek, Wisconsin
  • Bear Lake, Wisconsin
  • Bear Mine, Colorado
  • Bear River, Colorado
  • Beartown, Colorado
  • Bear Valley, Colorado
  • Bear Creek Township, Iowa
  • Bear Grove Township, Iowa
  • Bear Island, New Hampshire
  • East Bear Island, New Hampshire
  • Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort, Illinois


  • Bear Lake, British Columbia
  • Bear Cove, Newfoundland
  • Bear River 6, Nova Scotia
  • Bear River 6B, Nova Scotia
  • Barrie, Ontario
  • Bearskin Lake, Ontario
  • Bear Creek, Saskatchewan
Killbear thanks

If there is only one city in Canada not overrun with liberals, commies, or alcoholics, it would be this city

Cities No Longer In Bear ControlEdit

  • Killbear Park, Ontario

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