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Cook With Cindy! Learn all her secret family recipes!

America's next First Lady, Cindy McCain is a world-renown chef and wine connoisseur.

Everyone knows this.

In fact, all her family recipes are online, some of which the Food Network has appropriated and are now going to get sued for.

Nevertheless, Cindy wants to share all her knowledge about cooking and food and girlie kitchen stuff. wants to help Cindy and every American woman improve her woman skills with this page, that will include every single family recipe from Cindy's family!

If you know of any recipe that you are certain Cindy McCain (or her family) had a hand in creating (or perfecting), please post them below.

Cindy's Original RecipesEdit

  • boiled white rice
  • mayonnaise
  • Filet Cut Possum with Oxycontin Glaze

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