Cinco de Mayo
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¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday similar to America's New Years Eve, except it's celebrated all day long and not just the last hour of the day.

There is lots of drinking, so it may even be the Mexican version of Purim.

Origin & HistoryEdit

in this section write where, when and why the holiday was first recognized, famous people involved and their involvement in the event that inspired the holiday

American Holiday That Cinco de Mayo ReplacedEdit

Obviously since this is Mexican, and the holiday is celebrated in America (but not by Americans, it must have taken over an American holiday. Describe which one in this section

What They Say They're CelebratingEdit

In this section describe what the Mexicans tell white, Christian Americans to explain what they're doing on Cinco de Mayo.

What They're Really DoingEdit

Mexicans, like all foreigners, speak a different language, this simply means they cannot be trusted. In this section describe what they're really up to and how it differs from the section above.

Traditional Celebratory RitualsEdit

In this section explain what Mexicans do to mark the occasion

See AlsoEdit

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