Christopher Dodd
is a United States Senator
for the state of Connecticut


Senator Dodd is reknowned for his softshoe skills

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

...this is the largest amount of information about Chris Dodd anywhere on The Internets?

Christopher Dodd is a senator from the state of Connecticut who was briefly a Democratic candidate in 2008 Presidential Idol. He ran under the slogan "Chris Dodd for President: No, Seriously!" He impressed the judges with his crunk-flavored rendition of "It's Rainin' Men", but never recovered from his miserable performance in the swimsuit competition.

Dodd-mentum Edit


Christopher Dodd
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Urinates, You Believe.

Christopher Dodd
is an important part of FOX's Election 2008 Coverage.

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