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Christine O'Donnell is a reknowned Tea Bagger
and won't stop tea bagging
until all Americans are Tea Bagging together!

She is not deformed,
she is just surprised that she actually won

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I'm not a Witch
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~ Christine O'Donnell
October 4, 2010

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What I believe is irrelevant.
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~ Christine O'Donnell
October 13, 2010

Christine O'Donnell is a former satanist fun-lovin' gal and wholesome anti-masturbatiojn activist who wont have sex until she is elected as the Tea Bagging Senator of Delaware.

The Wisdom Of ChristineEdit

Her Anti-Masturbation AgendaEdit


If anyone has any objections, raise your thumb

Our only solution against this abominable act of adultery in the eyes of God is to marry our hand to make the sexual union between man and hand to be a valid one.[2]

(No one tells Sweetness!)

In addition...Edit

However, if one were to engage in pre-marital sex prior to the Christian blessing of God-Approved marital relations, one would be forgiven if one's partner were in a Christian rock band.

So, in conclusion, not all pre-marital sex is created equal[3].

Masturbation UpdateEdit

O'Donnell recently compared gays in the military as equally offensive as adulterers in the military[4]. Stephen Colbert using his gut power made a shocking discovery, by using O'Donnell's logic we have a secret dark side to masturbation:

IF Masturbating = Committing Adultery AND Being Gay in the Military = Committing Adultery in the Military THEN by the transitive property of gut power Masturbating = <math>Being Gay

This could only mean one thing, Stephen Colbert is gay married to his hand!! He has been doing it with a dude all along!!! Stephen Colbert fell on the liburals' trap!!! Damn you gays, you got him!!!

Oh, and one more thingEdit

Never look at suggestive images, that makes resisting the bating almost impossible. (But at least there was no sex!)

Tea Bagging AgendaEdit


Dont worry, she will use her witch powers for good


The mice in question[1]

Christine O'Donnell - O'Reilly Factor - 11 15 2007 - Mice with Human Brains - Full Version05:16

Christine O'Donnell - O'Reilly Factor - 11 15 2007 - Mice with Human Brains - Full Version

Help, the Monkey & Mice Army is here!!!!!



Christine O'Donnell Ad Parody00:35

Christine O'Donnell Ad Parody

wow, Christine really did let herself go
O'Donnell Threatens WDEL with Lawsuit over Video of Interview05:20

O'Donnell Threatens WDEL with Lawsuit over Video of Interview

This video shows an unflattering representation of Christine O'Donnell.
She needs to sue O'Donnell to stop her from giving interviews in the future!

Official TubesEdit


The Palin is strong on this one

Christine O'Donnell: Gutstitutional SkoolarEdit

Christine O'Donnell on the Constitution (go to 7 03, 2 37, 3 35) fameappeal08:01

Christine O'Donnell on the Constitution (go to 7 03, 2 37, 3 35)

Christine O'Donnell will debate Chris Coons
on the repealing of the entitlement program
known as the 13th Amendment

Christine O'Donnell has study the Constitution for many decades years months weeks days hours minutes a long time and she has a proper grasp and understanding of the spirit of the Constitution than the Democrats. Her debate at Widener University Law School impressed a lot of legal scholars and law students that at the end of the debate, they left the auditorium in tears and cheers. They were so impressed with her knowledge of the Constitution that even the media cant help but talk about it too!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

See, nowhere does it says "Separation of Church and State", nowhere!

Christine O'Donnell has promised that she will protect the 14 Commandments of the Gutstitution when she wins.

Constitutional Scholar Rush Limbaugh agrees with O'Donnell. Silly Democrats and Anderson Cooper...

Christine Wins Debate! Congratulations, Senator[5]

Gutstitutional Update!Edit

Christine O'Donnell has recently declared that Freedom of the Press is not in the Gutstitution. It says "the freedom of speech, or of the press", not Freedom of the Press!! Gutstitutional scholars believe this evidence enough to ban the liberal media and anyone who refuses to follow the new law will be imprisoned!



Christine's chemistry set

...look she has a diploma... right?...



Campaign News:Edit


Power, powerful stuff



Chris Coons swears allegiance to mice!

The Christine O'Donnell Savings Account Campaign Fund:Edit



Victory Party Tonight Mofos!!!!!
O'Donnell In Concession Speech- 'We Have Won'00:57

O'Donnell In Concession Speech- 'We Have Won'

Christine O'Donnell Declares Victory:

The FutureEdit

When we asked O'Donnell what she would do next, this is what she shouted, "Fox News and Big Bucks Here I come!"

Sadly for some reason, Fox News has declared they cannot hire Christine O'Donnell.

The Future Part IIEdit

If anyone has a gig for Christine O'Donnell, just send it to us by mail at: 666 Blackroad Hill, Witchcraft Mount, Delaware 66613. Send us anything, she is willing to do any gig, you know like speeches, magic tricks for the kids, curses against unfaithful lovers. We take anything... and I mean anything!

The Future Part IIIEdit

To reiterate, Christine O'Donnell is desperate open for negotiations for any kind of jubs! Buy her book!

Christine O'Donnell's New Book: If I was a Witch[7]Edit


SALEM, MA - Massachuse­tts-based Witches United had kudos for "Troublema­ker," Christine O'Donnell'­s recently published memoir. Wink Hazeldale, spokesman for the non-profit organizati­on, praised the work as "spellbind­ing" and a "cauldron of ideas." According to Hazeldale, Witches United offered to provide a cover blurb, but O'Donnell'­s familiars informed them the book had already gone to press.

When asked for his reaction to O'Donnell'­s controvers­ial 2008 "I am not a witch" campaign ad, Hazeldale said, "Who can blame her? It was a witch hunt. We've all denied our true nature publicly at one time or another. It's either that or risk having a house fall on us." He said he and his associates greatly admired the failed Senate candidate "warts and all."

Commenting on the current field of GOP candidates­, Hazeldale said they were "in complete harmony and alignment with Witches United's basic mission, purpose and beliefs." His organizati­on is "extremely comfortabl­e" with the GOP, he said. "Except for Bachmann. That one scares the devil out of us. It's those crazy eyes of hers."[8]


Christine O'Donnell hasn't given up her dreams, she is already amassing a new fortune to run in the future, once she discovers the secrets of the philosopher stone to fill up her coffers.

External TubesEdit

Christine O'Donnell
is the "Nice" Girl Next Door That Your Mother Talked About

She is The Only Real American Women For You!


O'Donnell It's The GOP's Fault I Lost01:29

O'Donnell It's The GOP's Fault I Lost

What went wrong:
Her magic wasnt strong enough

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