God Touching Adam
"Christian Science Fair"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Every year public schoolers try to show up their superior Christian homeschoolers with their triumphs in spelling and reading and writing and social skills.

But they can never defeat The Word of God--Hallelujah!

Every year moral, upstanding Christians are making inroads into the liberals precious fortress of sciencitude! Praise Jesus!

Please review this short selection of winners of Christian science fairs of recent years:

Christian Science Fair WinnersEdit

How Babies Are MadeEdit

Entry by: Surry C. (grade 4) and her father Tom C.

Little Surry and her proud Papa will demonstrate pure Biblical Laws (Genesis 19:33–36) which they have been practicing for the time when they will really have to use them.

Pie Is Not A NumberEdit

Entry by Susie M. (11th grade), Tennessee

Little Susie brought in a pie she made with some help from her mother, Mary-Sue, who is carrying Susie's sixth brother or sister.

While math is technically not science the judges forgave Susie and gave her a "Jesus Loves You" ribbon just for entering even though she's a girl.

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