Giuliani dance
Giuliani dance
It's Giuliani Time!
Sir Rudy says Christian Music
makes him want to shake his booty.
Quote open clear3 Why should the Devil have all the awesome music? Quote close clear2
~Martin Luther I, heathen.

Christian Music, especially Christian "Rock'N'Roll" (I know, it sounds like an oxymoron) is the coolest, most hip, best selling music genre today. It combines the snazziness of secular music infused with faith inspired lyrics. What teenager could resist such a combination?

Musical RootsEdit

Stylistic MovementsEdit

Early PioneersEdit

"Jesus and the Decipes" was one of the earliest known 13-piece Christian ska bands. Sadly, any specifics of this band are not mentioned in the Bible, in fact there is no mention in the Bible of what Jesus did from the ages 12-29. But we can safely assume that he was in a touring ska band.

Styles Influenced By Christian MusicEdit

Modern Christian Music StarsEdit

Songs In Honor Of Our Lord and SaviorEdit

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