God Touching Adam
"Christian Dominionist"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

Christian Dominionists are the Greatest Interpreters of The Holy Bible Ever and the only real christians out there!

In factiness, what the Dominionists do with the Bible is not interpret it so much as obey it exactly as God wrote it. Other people who claim to follow God's Word--but who differ from the Dominionsts--are the ones doing the interpreting, since they are wrong as shown by their differing with the Dominionists.


A Dominionatrix acknowledges the crowd's adoration for her! You betcha!


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Origin Of DominionistismEdit

What Dominionists BelieveEdit

Creation MythEdit

It's literally true!

Flood StoryEdit

It's literally true!


There is one God.

Not a bunch of gods with monkey heads and a thousand arms. Just one God.

And His Son.

Who is also a God, but not a different God, just the Son.

And then there's the Holy Spirit, who is also a God, but not a different one either.

Oh, and there's a mother, but she's not a god; she's a chick. Chicks can't be gods or goddesses, which is just blasphemy. Everyone knows if you worship a chick, you're a pagan.


It's literally true!

Dominionist RitualsEdit

Birth RitualsEdit

They cut off the end of your penis if your a guy.

Marriage RitualsEdit

Death RitualsEdit

Absolution RitualsEdit

Holiday RitualsEdit

Modern DominionistismEdit

  • Hating Halloween
  • Hating Easter
  • Fight a war on christmas

Famous DominionistsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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