Chris Hedges
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

The evil skinny version of Karl Rove.

Chris is just an angry man. He hates that America is a Christian nation and that the trains run on time.

He is probably angry that he was nailed on "The Colbert Report" on February 8, 2007, too.

Chris' Angry ChildhoodEdit

Chris was obviously not homeschooled, otherwise he would have known that America's Founding Fathers were all Christians and not "deists".

But since Chris pissed his mom off, he never learned about the origins of The Baby Jesus's birthday.

Loser, now he's starting to piss me off. NOTE: Hedges actually went to seminary school before starting his career as a journalist. He is a very-open minded individual but critical of "religious fanaticism."

Angry Chris Goes To Seminary SchoolEdit

Chris thought all his years in seminary school would somehow give him the upper hand during his interview, but knowing more never gives anyone the upper hand. Plus, Stephen was an altar boy for 11 years.

Chris believes Hope had 2 kids: Anger at the way things are, and Courage to make them better.

But he is blinded as much by his anger as he is by his inability to use his gut for feeling truthiness.

Hope is a thing with feathers, Chris. Which means it's a singer, like Toby Keith, not Henry Rollins.

Chris' Anger Leads to Chris' JealousyEdit

Chris has a fetish for the word "pervert" and uses it to describe people who are better than he is.

Chris is so angry about how he failed to be successful, that he has resorted to being jealous of James Dobson and Pat Robertson. I don't believe in Satan but I do believe "Christians" are bringing Armageddon upon this earth.


  • American Fascists: The Christian Right And The War On America
  • Losing Moses On The Freeway

Now a Conservative?Edit

Hedges has now written a book in which he exposes the madness of atheism.[1] Does this mean he's now a Conservative?

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