makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?
Kitten chipper

Chipper recovering

Chipper is a recipient of John Yarmuth's Kitten in a Woodchipper policy. There is now a restraining order against John Yarmuth.


  • Chipper recieved the name because it was in a woodchipper.
  • Chipper has also been nicknamed Lucky.

John YarmuthEdit


Most did not believe John would actually follow through on his policy like most politicians. He is a very very evil man.It has been reported that after this incident, Gypsys and Colbear have become close friends with Yarmuth. He was then eaten and thrown up by Colbear. These reports are unvarified, but who needs reports when you have truthiness?

Baby JesusEdit

Baby Jesus does not like it when people hurt kittens. That is why "chipper" survived. Baby Jesus does not want anything put in woodchippres, except terrorists.

Dang Terrorists!

Baby jesus is now angry at Yarmuth. Baby Jesus will smite Yarmuth.


Chipper's head was internally decapitated, and had shredded legs, however Vaxadrine™ With Calcium quickly cured that! After receiving major surgery to remove gypsy magic and making a full recovery, Chipper was then up for adoption.

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