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Chinese (food)
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Hello, Kitty
Hello, Chinese (food)
Asian and very good at math.

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Chinese Dog
Most important ingredient in Chinese cuisine, radioactive dog.

Chinese food was created in China, one assumes back when the Earth was created just over 2000 years ago. Originally, Chinese food was tasteless and composed of unsavory ingredients which may or may not have included family pets. This is the preferred food of liberals, communists, gays and hippies

It wasn't until Chinese food was brought to America, however, that it truly became food. Chinese food was brought to America by Jesus on the Mayflower; once on our shores, great Americans like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington added their own American flavors to it. Thus was born sweet and sour pork, egg rolls and orange sauce chicken, to name but a few.

Americanized Chinese Food was so good that God proclaimed it the official menu of Heaven.


Chinese food before it came to America.


Chinese food after it arrived in America... YUMMY!

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