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Child Labor is a term that has been misused by the liberal media throughout history. is determined to give this harmless phrase its just due.

The Truth is that foreign children are lazy "Freeloading Tricycle Queens" that needs to learn the value of a dollar penny. Liburals, we need to provide these poor children with jobs so that way they can become participants of the global economy.

History of Child LaborEdit

Modern Child LaborEdit

In today's society child labor is an effective way to lower costs of production. Exploiting children from third world countries allows one to bring products to Americans at lower costs. These children enjoy working for a mere three cents an hour, as it is twice what most of their parents make anyway.
Despite what many people claim about child labor, it is a benefit as it teaches children responsibility at a young age, when the mind is still susceptible to learning. The skills these future leaders learn will follow them throughout their lives.

In Other words: "Child Labor makes all of the crap that we buy Cheap. Cheap equals Good! More money in our pockets!"

Industries That Support Child LaborEdit

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