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"Cock" redirects here. If you are looking for the male sex organ, see Penis.
"Gamecock" redirects here. If you are looking for The Gamecocks sports team, see the University of South Carolina.
the chicken
is a species of domesticated birds used for food and sport
a chicken
usually refer to an adult of the chicken species.
a chick
is a young of the chicken species of either sex .
a cock
is an adult chicken of the male sex. (In Britain, they call them rooster)
a hen
is an adult chicken of the female sex.
a capon
is an adult chicken of the neutered male sex.
is a sport involving cocks.
a gamecock
is a cock who participate in cockfighting.
is an enthusiast of cockfighting.
is the study of cocks.

A chicken is a bird that noone realy cares about... The majesty of the bald eagle manages to overshadow most other fowl.

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