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Chevy Chase is a comedian best known for being roasted by Stephen Colbert, falling down/over things and saving Gerald Ford from a pack of wild bears during a beer run to the 7-11 during half-time of the Michigan - Ohio St. football game in 1983. Stands '6"5 ('6"9 with the afro). Was arrested in Burnt Scrotum Nevada in 1997 for passing bad checks at Walgreens under the aliases Dr. Rosenpenis, RosenRosen, John Cocktosten and Mr. Poon, S.E.C.

He was also a member of the original Saturday Night Live cast, hosted an ill-fated talk show in 1993, and wrote and starred in many films where he never, ever, attempted to do anything different from the last thing he did. And that’s refreshing in its sameness. (but seriously guys this isn't IMDB -- he was in Caddyshack and the National Lampoons Vacation films. If you want more info than that go to

Most recently he starred in Law and Order giving a gripping portrayal of a character with a noticable likeness to Mel Gibson who has many Jewish drinking buddies.

But most importantly, he’s Chevy Chase and you’re not. If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will.

Dude, you gotta try this weed. All I remember is that Chevy Chase looks nothing like Gerald Ford but apparently imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, according to an article I once read and memorized a small portion of.

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