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If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.
The Greatest Vice President Ever is retired and trying to live his private life in peace in his home state of Wyoming.

But, Comrade Hussein Obama released only a select few of the Brazilian memos written by The Greatest Administration Ever.

Dick Cheney feels this isn't fair and of course he's correct.

Americans should know the full story about the War On Terror, not just the memos the commies deem important.

Since he is out of Washington, D.C., Mr. Cheney can't get the attention of The Liberal Media. It is up to The Heroes to help him get the full story out about Americas fight against the socialist threat against America's innocent interrogators.

Please check your tubes and archives for memos that exonerate Mr. Cheney, Mr. Libby, Mr. Yoo, Mr. Addington, Mr. Gonzales, Judge Jay Bybee or anyone else who is being railroaded by the rabid left wing and post them below.

Let's show the liberals just what sunshine looks like!

God Bless America!

eMail Communications and Other Documents Deliberately Being Ignored By LibrulsEdit

  • IM TIRED!!!1! WHENERE WE GONNA STOP DOIN THIS? Bush reply to all (this memo contained a photocopy of something called a goatse)
  • Stop using all caps! Rice to Bush (a similar memo was sent by 20 others)
  • Receipt of Candy and Flowers, Baghdad, May 1, 2003Wikip*dia Bremer to Cheney
  • Don't Make Me Come Over There Cheney to Bremer
  • Need draft of victory speech Cheney to Noonan (copy sent to Luntz, Rove)
  • Did Anyone Read Hersh? Addington reply to all
  • READ WHAT NOW? Bush reply to all (this memo was accompanied by at least 3 dozen cat pictures)
  • We're Not Torturing, Right? Rumsfeld to Gonzales (copy sent to Yoo)
  • Do You Think Rummy's Mad At Me? Gonzales to Rice
  • We're Not Torturing, Right? Rumsfeld to Gonzales forwarded from Yoo to Cheney
  • Handle This! Cheney to Addington
  • Americans Don't Torture, only Terrorists Torture Addington to Rumsfeld
  • Americans Don't Torture, only Terrorists Torture, Dumbass Addington to Gonzales
  • New Policy Needed Addington to Cheney
  • Fix This Cheney to Yoo
  • What Sounds Better: "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" or "Fraternity Pranks"? Yoo to Bybee
  • Come By Later, I'll Show You Bybee to Yoo
  • Needs Input, Volunteer Bybee reply to all
  • I'll Go! Negroponte reply to all
  • LOL STOP USIN REPLY TO ALL Bush reply to all
  • You can't tell people to stop if you keep doing it yourself Rice to Bush
  • ALL YOU PEOPLE SUCK Bush reply to all (an attachment of a CD of Rick Astley music accompanied this memo)
  • Stop using reply to all Cheney to Bush
  • We can destroy emails and memos, right? Cheney to Rove
  • Ensure Plus Proves Excellent Enhanced Interrogation Cheney to Bush

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