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A Chear (pronounced like chair) is a hybrid cross between a Kodiak Grizzly Bear and an African Cheetah.


Cheetahbears originated in the late 5,0000,000 bce. as an offspring of deadly bears and hippie killing cheetahs. You probably are asking yourself how did a Kodiak Grizzly get to africa? Well we are also wondering that. But ever since then they have been ravaging the western coast of Africa and many have emigrated to South America and are slowly working their way north. The Cheetahbears are gaining numbers and strength and could launch an attack on the southern border of America by 2012. This date is rumored to be the beginning of the end of the world. Therefore Cheetahbears have been alive forever and are immortal.


  • Cheetahbears love Al Gore and his cause to stop Global Warming
  • Cheetahbears once lived in Eastern Asia but were eliminated.
  • Cheetahbears can't smell anything other than human blood
  • Cheetahbears sell heroin to American Children
  • Many rumors have said the South American army of chears is being led by Adolf Hitler

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