Al Franken
Charlie Rose has earned
Al Franken
Charlie Rose
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

A Journalist who recently had the honor to interview Dr. Stephen Colbert. Charlie Rose hates America.

Personal LifeEdit

Like many blame America firsters over at Public Television, Charlie lives with a coven of bears in a cave in France and worships Satan and the spirit of Josef Stalin. While it is not totally accurate to say that he hates all things good and decent, he does wage a constant war against liberty and justice under the direction of his secularist commie overlords.

His ShowEdit

Besides being a prosecutable act of treason, Mr. Rose's show seems to have been constructed with the aim of being as boring as possible. The set has a completely black background. Apparently some earth-toned drywall and an artificial ficus was beyond the imagination of Rose and his producers. On top of this, his show has no flashy graphics, swooshy noises, news tickers, catchphrases, or points of interest of any kind. It is no surprise that Charlie Rose has a viewership of two people and a deseased mule while 85% of the free world watches The Colbert Report

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