Charlie LeDuff
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


Charlie LeDuff
composed at least one non-audiobook book.


The epitome of the American male (not pictured) sat directly across from Monsieur LeChuck.

Charlie LeDuff (AKA Charles, Chazzbone, Chuckles) was nailed by Stephen Colbert for the February 6, 2007 cablecast of The Colbert Report.

Unfortunately, this John Kerry-supporter and former French mime (thus explaining his outrageous accent) said he'd found the highest concentration of American manliness at a gay rodeo in Oklahoma City. Yeah, right, by the way, who wears a vest nowadays? That is besides Nelson Muntz...

Charles in Charge of American Maniless?Edit

Says who, Chazzbone? If anyone knows balls it's Stephen, not some "Three Musketeers-wannabe".

Come on, no man would get caught dead participating in a Bull-milking Contest! Gay Rodeo, my ass...oh wait...

Chipster's Study of The American ManEdit

LeColbert-coattail-rider managed to say something that felt right: he did blame the shrinking of the American Man's Balls on divorce.

Good going LeDoofenheimer, that's 1 out of, like hundreds.

Froggy Mick went on to say that young American men used to look to their fathers, but now look to movies for role models.

Chuckles Goes to HollywoodEdit

After showing some ball with that last statement, Lay Doof goes on to contradict himself by claiming there are men in Hollywood. Hollywood!?

But Stephen Colbert set him straight, real straight,

Flag quote open clear2
Real Men Don't Wear Make-up
Flag quote close clear2
~ Dr. Stephen Colbert, Senior Balls Expert

And one other thing, Charlie Tuna, real men don't get nailed...twice!

Charlemagne Duffbeer's BookEdit

Chortle LeDumbleduff insisted that his book, US Guys: The True and Twisted Mind of the American Man have a grocery bag cover which was to maintain the filth and insanity for which he is known. The kraft paper cover also allows ChiChi LaDoofus to scrawl ballpoint logos of his favorite French pop bands all over the book.

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