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Chad Walldorf
dialed up "The Colbert Report " as an On The Phone guest
and got nailed in the process.

Chad Walldorf is the hero who won the eBay auction for the Portrait of Stephen Colbert with Portrait of Stephen Colbert.

Stephen interviewed Chad via telephone on the November 2, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report.

Chad is a co-owner of the Sticky Fingers Barbeque family of restaurants.

Chad requested that Stephen sign the Portrait not once, but twice: once at the base of the Portrait, and again at the base of the Portrait within a Portrait. Stephen graciously added an 8x10 glossy copy of the Portrait, along with a set of wallet size copies.

The winning bid was $50,605 dollars. It is unknown whether he payed with PayPal, a credit card or his first born son.

The Portrait is viewable at the downtown location of Sticky Fingers Barbecue restaurant in Stephen's hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.


Chad Walldorf, Art HistorianEdit

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I'm a ribs guy. We don't know much about art. In my house, before I got married, I had the dogs playing poker full series.
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~ Chad Walldorf

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