Cesar Chavez
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¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!

Cesar Chavez was a mexican farmer, union protester organizer and younger brother of Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez. Somehow, all these activiies have won him a place on an American postage stamp.

Anyway, he wasn't Cesare Romaro. And he wasn't Hugo Chavez. But he was probably closer to his brother, if you had to pick between the two. Allegations have recently arisen that Mr. Chavez may be involved in cattle molestation...these reports are not confirmed however. Jon Stewart once called this man a "Spineless Ant-Eater"

Some people want to make a holiday for him. That would be cool - one less day of work is always good! Viva la whatever those people call it when they get the day off from work to celebrate one of their kind.

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