Meeting your real estate needs since March, 2003

Did you join the Army reserves believing you would only work 2 weekends a month, 2 weeks a year?

Are you on the verge of losing your job, your home and most of the credits you've earned toward a degree from an accredited American university with more than a year left in your 8-year commitment?

Did you just learn you've been called up for your 5th tour of duty in Iraq?

Why not make the move permanent?

Century 11 wants to welcome hard working Americans to beautiful, exotic Baghdad!


In addition to the already established neighborhoods, new accommodations are going up everyday.

The Baghdad housing market is booming!


Baghdad is known for its outdoor markets which offer an amazing variety of Army surplus items in prices even the average contractor can afford!

The shopping adventure in Baghdad is similar to that of many American cities. You will never have to worry about muggings with an armed guard surrounding you, not to mention the Apache Helicopter or four circling above you as you shop for something special for your loved ones.


Education is important to everyone at Century 11. We feel that schools should be accessible to every American, even the ones living and working in foreign countries.

Schools are being built everyday in Iraq. They will soon be open as well, as soon as the electricity can be turned on for more than two hours a day.

Until then, the nearby Green Zone offers an American education to every child whose parent is working to build the infrastructure necessary to make the community strong.

Public UtilitiesEdit

Once persons with your skills move in, electricity and clean, drinkable water are sure to be an everyday thing.

Just like in the communities you left to fight for freedom, etc.

Welcome to Baghdad, let's make this community together!™

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