Center For Republican Renewal
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.

The Center For Republican Renewal is the home of Jeb Bush's shadow American government, which will act as a sanctuary for real Americans who will no doubt be under assault starting January 20, 2009 when Comrade Chairman Barack Hussein Obama invades and overtakes America's capitol on behalf of his Secret Muslim overlords.

Mission StatementEdit

Origin & HistoryEdit


  • Happy Purpose #1: create the GOP Policy Office, which has several functions:
    • to conduct Republican-centered policy research
    • write reports for Republican surrogates, RNC leadership, and the Republican voters
  • Happy Purpose #2: create a new RNC website
    • devoted to the premise that the GOP welcomes and encourages debate and discussion as long as it stays within the ideals of the party
  • Happy Purpose #3: reconstitute the RNC’s Policy Councils
  • Happy Purpose #4: encourage policy debate beyond Washington
    • think tanks will lead discussions for state and local donors for dissemination of the reports created in Happy Purpose # 1.

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Center For Republican Renewal
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