Everyone knows liberals hate America.

This is proven scientific fact.

What Americans want to know is: how are they still able to infect America's airwaves with their filthy, lame, gay, out-of-the-mainstream, hippie ideas?

Who wants to hear Susan Sarandon talk about driving her damn Prius again?

And who cares what Sean Penn thinks about the urban poor?

And who asked Alec Baldwin about his opinion on gays in the military?

It's time Real Americans fight back with our own celebrities to talk about issues Americans want to hear about. has started this Celebrity Directory for all the television networks to use when they need a fair and balanced approach to a pressing issue.

The celebrities listed below are experts in the field they are paired with and will speak about them at length given the opportunity and a camera.

Thank you, and God Bless America!

Real American Celebrity DirectoryEdit

Has-beens from The Cosby ShowEdit

  • military policy

Wilford BrimleyEdit

Michael J. FoxEdit

  • faking Parkinson's disease symptoms

Cindy SheehanEdit

  • Stalking Republican Presidents
  • Visiting Communist places (like Cuba and Spring Field VT)

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