They Blame America For Letting Themselves Go

Celebrity Fit Clubbers are a group of fat liberal, hollywood, ACLU loving celebrities who hate America and blames america first because they are fat. They hate America and loves Cindy Sheehan. The Healthkidah are giving aid comfort to these enemies of freedom.

What? Edit

These celebrities do not hate America, not first, not last, not at all. These fine examples of American Re-education have embraced America for what she is, they've realized that it is their God given right to consume as much of the world's food as they can. Behind every good American man is a gigantic sweltering mound of his own droppings, left behind for foreigners, (Not The Great American Rock Band) who due to the consequance of not being born free, have it as their lot in life to clean up after us without question. And if they do question it, simply call in the INS, and replace them as quickly as possible.

Blame's Destination Edit

The blame for this show rests squarely on the shoulders of it's producers, who think that reality television has been cooked up as anything but a slap to the face of that physically fit Caballa of Hollywood liberals.

Celebrity Fit Clubbers
is a Member of the
NAMBLA Family of Associations
Since 1999

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