The Church of $cientology, International™©® is very protective of the love they promise to share with all of mankind (depending on whether the check clears or not) that anytime someone else uses their registered trade marked/copyright protected intellectual property, they get a little litigious and send out Xenu to de-thetanize any unauthorized use of said materials.

If you are an authorized official of The Church of $cientology, International™©® and you see anything that might offend one of the more sensitive members of The Church, please replace the offending passage with the special "xenu" template and Xenu will personally remove 10 thetans from your body. This offer is not available in Germany. All participants must be free of Psychiatrist influence and over sixteen years old. Purchase of Dianetics is not required.

Please note:
The proper code for using the xenu template is:


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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