Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.

CSO (Cat Shit One) is a Private Security Firm that is keeping America's interests and their allies safe.



Killer Rabbits. You heard me

The Bear ThreatEdit

Cat Shit One DVD Blu-ray 販売告知202:01

Cat Shit One DVD Blu-ray 販売告知2

They are coming

During the Cold War, Communist Russia was experimenting with the creation of cyborg bears. The cyborgs godless killing machines were being field tested and deployed to the jungles of Vietnam during the Vietnam War and America was suffering severe casualties (no one could stop the killing machines!). The Pentagon wanted their own killing machines to stop the cyborg mutant bear threat. One mad scientist had a crazy idea to stop the bears... bunnies!

Killer FurriesEdit

During the end of the Vietnam War there was a team of mutant mercenaries created to destroy the Vietcong and their bears. This special ops team was named Cat Shit One (the liburals wanted to call them mewcenaries because they dont like potty mouth words). These freaks of nature were created on the Pentagon's labs without disclosing their existence to the public. The end result of the experiment was the development and creation of killer furries and they were adorable badasses.

These freaks of natures were half human and half animals, they were chimeras. After the war these mercenaries opened their own private security firm Cat Shit One (they wanted to name it Blackwater but it was already taken).

The Future of CSOEdit

Today CSO has branches all over the world, they are policing America's interests while kicking ass!

Killing Camels to protect America
so you dont have to


  • Everyone knows that rabbits are evil (one of them killed our Truthi Crusader!), but turning them into killing machines? Many in the scientific community protested the Pentagon's plan to turn these bunnies into mutated freaks. But thanks to the miracle of genetic engineering, these killer rabbits were also injected with a patriotic virus, making them 100% loyal to the American race! So far there hasnt been no side effects...

Personal: This information is classifiedEdit


Sargent Perkins

  • Perkins: Imagine if Jack Bauer, Rambo, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stephen Colbert had an accidental drunken one night stand (is not gay. Men know what men like) and their orgasmic multiplesome union ended up creating a bastard mutant freak child of nature and science... well this would be the end result! A God-fearing Patriotic Fluffy Furry Kick-ass Killing Machine!



  • Botasky: Communications officer, Coward, Side-kick, Nam PoW, and still ended up a lifer

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Joe Camel is a member of Hump-Qaeda!

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