Survivor carnival

Carnival Cruise Lines Survivor Cruise Lines is a renown company that tries to imitate the life experiences of a third world country under the conditions of a control and safe environment supervised at sea. Many clients have expressed an interest and curiosity regarding the life, suffering, and struggles of the poor in countries that are not America without having to experience the fear and the dangers of being exposed to the most dangerous elements like thieves, freedom fighters, kidnapping, drug cartels, terrorist attacks, etc.

It's just like Survivor but in a Cruise Ship!

Ship's AmenitiesEdit

  • No air conditioner
  • Non-flushable toilets
  • Rotting food
  • Foul air
  • Unpleasant service crew

Experience your cruise life as if you were in Mexico City or a landfill in New Jersey. Carnival Cruise Lines: Why go there when you can experience the misery here!

External TubesEdit

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