Carmen Electra
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Carmen Electra is a Smokin' Hot Piece O' A$s.

She was placed on this earth by God to teach Real Americans the tragic lesson of ruining a beautiful thing.

Carmen Electra was the object of many Real American mens' masturbatory imaging until such time as she married the likes of Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro. Henceforth, Real American men have learned the tragic lesson of ruining a beautiful thing. Despite her beauty and delectable boobs, Carmen Electra is now tainted with the essence of "most-likely-gay" man juice. As is well known, gayness is highly contagious and therefore, Carmen Electra is now unfit to be boned by any Real American man. But if she became a lesbian pornstar because of that, that would be ok too.

However, being single again she is the objest of said masturbation once again.

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