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A car is a motor-driven vehicle invented by American entrepreneurs such as Jew Hater Henry Ford who seeked to put the horse whip industry out of business.

They were successful of course and the world is better for it.

Today Americans use cars to go to the store and buy groceries, to travel to work or simply to go to the end of the driveway and get their mail.

Invention & Early HistoryEdit

Who Killed The Electric Street Car?02:13

Who Killed The Electric Street Car?


Industrial Revolution BoonEdit

Modern ModelsEdit

The FutureEdit

car maker are looking at the future there vision is to build a car that doesn't run on gas cus people in the future dont like gas because it smells however gasoline was used up to the 2050s when when oil started to run out so the chyslusbuit the Corvega which used nuclear power to run

Corporations That Manufacture AutomobilesEdit

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