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Gaia and her fear mongering eco-activists

Gaia, her boyfriend and her eco-terrorist minions.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was a children's cartoon that aired for a few years before America got tired of being douched all over by the pervasive liberal talking points put forth, such as pollution, global warming, conservation, recycling and Single motherhood.

In the program, the protagonist Gaia was portrayed as a benevolent spirit that protected the Earth from such red herrings as pollution, global warming and deforestation. The program also portrayed industrialists and the free market as evil. Another liberal soapbox issue the program addressed was the subject of single motherhood. Not once in the cartoons run was a Father Nature ever mentioned. America, being a nation of it-getters, rejected the blasphemous notion that an unmarried mother could take the place of, or even function without the help of God, a man.

Gaia was based off of Soledad O'Brien, but ended up being voiced by heroin loving abortionist Whoopi Goldberg.

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