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was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
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Foods or Beverages


Hillary's drink of choice

A cappuccino is a type of coffee drink much loved by hippies and liberals, especially the ones who live in dull, rainy places like New York and Seattle. In an effort to reach this audience, Stephen Colbert chose "cappuccino" as a metaphor for the American electorate after Ned Lamont beat Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary race for Connecticut's Senate seat

Generous to a fault, Dr. Stephen Colbert, DFA, offered up his August 10, 2006 "The Wørd" to explain to the silly Democrats that "The American electorate is like a cappuccino. Most of it is foam. I'd say, roughly 86%. Looks like a lot in the bowl there, but it's just froth. The real substance is pushed down to the bottom, like the 13 flavorful percent of democrats who are for the war"

He then explained that the rest of America's Democrats should take their cues from this flavorful percentage: they're small, they're dense, and like a cappuccino they keep you up at night (usually on CNN, FOX and MSNBC).

Clearly, Our Glorious Stephen knows how to speak to the masses. The small, dense, flavorful parts of the cappuccino must have gotten "The Wørd", because it certainly looks like the Connecticut voters did choose to let Lieberman save them from themselves.

Types of CappuccinosEdit

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