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is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

Apparently there are many Cantons. Nearly as many as flies have cowpies to land on.

Known CantonsEdit

The alias names are provided by noted expert on America, Dr. Colbert.Episode #428

  • Canton, Ohio, aka, the non-crappy Canton, aka, Hitler's Asscrack, Ohio
  • Canton, Georgia, aka, the crappy one.
  • Canton, Kansas, aka, the real shithole.
  • Canton, South Dakota, aka, North Dakota's dirty ashtray and the assburgh where some of the dogs stay and develop a drinking problem.Episode #431
  • Canton, Texas, aka, the steaming pile of longhorn dung incorporated as an outhouseEpisode #435
  • Canton, Connecticut, it's real! I've been there!

Suspected CantonsEdit

  • Canton, Iowa
  • Canton, Illinois
  • Canton, Massachusetts
  • Canton, Michigan
  • Canton, Mississippi
  • Canton, Missouri
  • Canton, New York
  • Canton, North Carolina - Renowned nearly as much for the permeating stench of its sulfur-based paper mill as for the lax security in its mental asylum. Coincidence?
  • Canton, Oklahoma
  • Canton, Florida
  • Canton, Pennsylvania
  • Canton, China
  • Canton, Canton

Suspected CantoniansEdit

  • Warner, Brian aka Marilyn Manson (Antichrist Superstar)

Help Stephen Better Know Your CantonEdit

News UpdatesEdit

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