Canadian Terrorist
has nothing to do with Dr. Colbert! Fix it, or it will be Dead To Me and Stephen!
Discuss why Canadian Terrorist should not be deleted here.
Canadian Terrorist
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

The term "Canadian Terrorist" is redundant, since all Canadians are godless bear-lovers who hate America and truthiness. They are rumored to be in league with the evil Colbear, the archnemisis of Stephen Colbert

A Canadian Terrorist is any canadian who conspires with bears to commit acts of terrorism. (or any member of the Toronto Raptors team) They can easily be spotted by their main weapon, a hockey stick and ice skates. Fortunately, one can use this to their advantage as that they can only move on ice. The terrorists can also be distracted by any hockey game footage. It also appears that they are most active during the winter months. If its summer, they will melt under the heat. If its not summer and you are under attack, just tell them its some really high temperature in Celsius; Not Fahrenheit. They hate that temperature scale . . . they thinks its too American.

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