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is Very Manly™.
ATTENTION: This Page is for Real Americans™ ONLY
If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.

Despite the name sounding really gay, camping is one of the most manly activities that hasn't been declared illegal by wimpy liberal pussy-hippies.

Origin & History Of CampingEdit

Camping During Biblical TimesEdit

Camping During The American RevolutionEdit

Modern American CampingEdit

The Future Of CampingEdit

The Manly Rules Of CampingEdit

There must be a campfire, only expection is when there is a raging wildfire bearing down on you. Other than that the fire must be of real wood, not a gas fire and the fire is not to be pissed on until all the meat has being cooked.

Regular Camping ActivitiesEdit

See AlsoEdit

Do Not Also SeeEdit

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