Camp Lejeune is a military facility and the happiest place on America!


There is a concern that Camp Lejeune is filled with pollutants and toxic waste PATRIOTIC CHEMICALS, these are specially found in the drinking water. We have found evidence of ███▊▊███ ██ ██ ▊███████ and █████▋██ ███████ ███ ██, one of the most dangerous, toxic, and foul waste chemicals in site. The chemical is usually found in domestic products like █████▋██ ███████ ███ ██▋███ ███ ██ █ ███ and ████ ▉▉██. This is really of a grave Concern... Termination of Camp Lejeune and its closure is urgently advised.

Happiest Place on AmericaEdit

Visitors to Camp Lejeune agree that the Pentagon has successfully created the awesomest place on Earth by combining the imaginary world of Disney World and the toxic benefits of the French Creek waste plant. Children would find adventure at our magical swimming pool that would grant them mutant powers[1]. Our black mold infested barracks will help our troops to develop stronger immunities against chemical warfare[2]. Our wonderful 3 hour rides are considered the most thrilling and vomiting inducing in history. And remember folks, dont forget to chow down on our hormonally experimentally enhanced meat-like substance[3], it will give you strength!


  1. side effects may vary
  2. results may vary
  3. Warning: Meat-like substance may induce vomiting, diarrhea, dementia, depression, sexual impotency, and butt cancer

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