A stupid town where there is nothing to do but go to big als.

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Camas, Washington
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.
Camas, Washington
Mayor: Paul Dennis
City Motto: Energy Peril Success
Nickname: City of trees
Theme Song: add stuff here-4
Population: 15,000 (14500 are white no joke)
Standard MPH: 25 mph
Principal industries: Sharp; Wafer Tech
Fun Fact # 1: go to this url to sum up camas
Fun Fact # 2: #63 of best places to live

Camas, Washington HistoryEdit

EST 1906

Camas, Washington TodayEdit

blackest city of all

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In CamasEdit

Prune Hill, Livingston Mountain, Lacamas Shores

Camas LandmarksEdit


Famous People From CamasEdit

  • (inventor)

A Typical Day In CamasEdit

Get up go to school or work go home big als sleep




Welcome to Camas the whitest of the white Being gangster by day Going bowling by night My crew does squirt gun drive-by's as quickly as we can I hope mom doesn't find out that i borrowed the minivan Compton's got homeys, we've got pals They've got empy warehouses, we've got Big Al's watch out for SSG, they're armed with toilet paper and eggs don't mess with them, they've got M&Ms and Kool-aid in their kegs. Welcome to Camas, so fresh and so clean you like Maxim and Rolling stone? try Home and Living magazine Colombine? Virginia Tech? fool, that's child's play we've got gossip and nasty rumors to beat that any day you think vandalism is bad? all the graffiti on your walls Camas has presents in their water fountains and drawings in their stalls What's that you said? diversity? sure, we've got a ton Our white to black person ratio is 1500 to 1 You think you're ballin with your shiny rims and pretty neon lights We're across the river from portland. That gives us street cred...right? So forget all of those who think we're a bunch of spoiled little freaks Life's hard when daddy gives us only three hundred dollars a week. Maybe you should think before you hate on our hometown we've got lots of money and our WASL scores are the baddest ones around.

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