Calculus (in old mexican el Calculuso) Edit

Calculus is a form of magic. Its mearly strands of thoughts and numbers used to torture young children. Using numbers, or words in replace of numbers, students of calculus are supposedly able to find another number, or word in replace of numbers, called an answer. Sadly this answer doesn't help anyone or anything ever. Calculus's only true purpose was to subdue a bear uprising. All further use of Calculus is optional and is only persude by those with nothing better to do. Unfortunately their lives have not been blessed with the art of competitive apple pie eating.

Current State Edit

Used in small doses calculus can be used to treat rabies. Learning and personal enlightenment are occupying over seas countries allowing America(greatest nation ever) to prosper. Calculus, one of the great time wasters, second only to sudoku. It should never be mixed with any alcoholic beverage for fear of the consequences. Such behavior has been met with several middle aged mothers wearing buttons.

Calculate this Edit

solve for H

  H-3.11= 8.0085H(H-56H)-4.9812H+ 11

or calculate the cot of this

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