Cable Television is one of the things that are destroying American families. Most of these are typical American families that have the TV on for many hours. Each family member watches a different channel on their own personal TV. There's a show for everyone, thus dividing the family unit, unlike in the 1950s when "The family that watches Ed Sullivan together [was] mindlessly entertained together."

However, there are some televison programs devoted to returning America to the righteous path first pioneered by early television

Television Shows And Celebrities Helping AmericaEdit

24, A show of America being saved in one day

The Colbert Report, Glorious show ruled by Stephen Colbert; man fighting for truth, justice, and the American way

Oprah, rich talk show host

Jesus Channels, Every day

Government Televison, Gives a reason for political feedback

Televison Shows, People, And Commercials Destroying AmericaEdit

Head On, Apply directly to the forehead

Sanjaya Malakar, Somehow one of the top 7 American Idols

The Weather Channel, Annoying...

Televison Shows Relating To Global Warming, It is just a myth Al Gore made to get attention

Cable's Powers of PeopleEdit

"500 channels is just too many" -Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report


Some people believe that more telelvision is a good thing and that cable television isn't a bad thing.

External CablesEdit

Cable Stations

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