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If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.
C Street
is a Truthiness Crusader!

C Street (also known as The Family) is a Real Religious Organization, not like those fake libural blaspheming christian ones that has Hippie Jesus as their savior. C Street worships the Real Jesus and Jesus wanted America to be The Greatest Nation in The World Ever!

History of C StreetEdit

According with C Street scholars, the church of Jesus was taken over by hippies and liburals that were teaching blasphemous lies and commie ideologies like "helping the poor, the sick, and the hungry" which goes against the tenants of Jesus' Bootstraps message!

A group of wise prophets decided that the hippie message was false and dangerous for Christians. The Real Prophets needed to restore Jesus's Real Message for all Christians or perish in Poverty Hell. The "Wise Prophets" discovered that Jesus left a "Secret Gospel" only worthy for Real Christians in America, so one day Real Americans could use his powerful Secret Gospel to make America The Greatest Nation on Earth! That way Heaven can buy all properties in America and bring Real Salvation into the world to make it into a better place!

This is a Great Miracle!!! Such a powerful Gospel, reserved for Real Americans only, was created even before America was ever born! Evidence of Divine Intervention!!

Who Can Join C Street?Edit

How Can I Join C Street?Edit



Membership FeeEdit

C Street's AgendaEdit

C Street's Secret AgendaEdit

(Warning: If you are not a Real American, Do not Proceed)

  • Attain Political Power at all cost so we can bring Jesus and the rapture to America!
  • Lie, cheat, and steal in the Name of Jesus!
  • Have as many lovers wives as possible, Jesus wants us to have many babies!

C Street is NOT a CultEdit

Members of C StreetEdit

Do Not Mess With The FamilyEdit

Really, you dont wanna mess with This Family...

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