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CNN Center
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CNN Center

The CNN Center in downtown Atlanta as part of a plan to redevelop downtown after Sherman burned it. It was built over a MARTA station in order to help with a mountain lion repression operation as well. As well as a hotel and food courts, it is also the headquaerters for CNN. You will notice it as the big building that has "CNN" on the side of it if your ever stuck in Atlanta.

It was the main center of liberal propaganda in America during the 80's and early 90's, Jane Fonda was famous for her apperences there. As Turner's then commie actress wife, she would hand out propaganda to people at the food court. Lou Dobbs put a stop to it when he built a fence around the place, to keep Mexicans and Jane Fonda from illegally entering. Soon after the food court fell on hard times.

The Turner Store was located at the center for some time. The store was dedicated to everything Ted Turner as well as his 200 different channels. The store wasn't as cool as the The Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop and for that reason folded.

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