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CBGB was a famous New York rock and roll institution which closed its doors on in mid-October 2006 after 33 years.

The club helped launch the seminal punk and New Wave musical movements of the 1970's and 1980's.

Stephen has so many great memories of the club, including going down there almost every weekend and yelling at them for making too much noise.

Bands Stephen Yelled AtEdit

  • Talking Heads
  • Blondie

Stephen even told Joey Ramone to cut his hair.

CBGB RebornEdit

CBGB isn't dead however. It is doing something so punk, it defies imagination: moving to Las Vegas.


  • Pre-torn posters on the walls
  • Art-directed filth
  • Laminated walls in the bathrooms for easy hosing
  • A CBGB Tribute Band with a Patti Smith-style frontwoman, only with a great rack
  • Surprise, unscheduled appearances by Celine Dion

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