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C-SPAN is a public service government cable channel that features programming about as interesting as a joint resolution by Congress stating that paint dries.

C-SPAN is one of these channels on the thing called cable television. It's American and for you it's viewable on the television in American or internets (via this internets tube).


Its lack of neutrality in portraying too much truthiness makes it come under fire from people like George W. Bush for not editing peoples words out properly.

Their largest viewership is Al Qaeda members.

C-SPAN and tomorrow Edit

C-SPAN is Cool Now!

It is told that starting tomorrow Stephen Colbert will be taking over the station and will be featured prominently. When Stephen Colbert will not be on the air, such exciting subjects as pornography and documentaries will be aired. Mud wrestling will have it's own special segment on weekends.

Interesting GuestsEdit

Crank CallsEdit

One of C-SPAN's most popular programs, "Retired People's Companion Line" (RPCL), is a live, call-in program where viewers can discuss issues of the day with a guest or the moderator.

However, a couple unforeseen problems have arisen: people actually like the show, and it provides the only contact with the outside world for some Elderly-Americans.

This last problem results in RPLC phone-screeners being trapped in never-ending conversations with their Elderly viewers, much like a delivery person is trapped when making a "Meals-On-Wheels" delivery, but on television.

Another problem is the inevitable "crank call".

Famous Crank CallersEdit

Because the phone lines are open to anyone, anyone calls in. Most of the crank calls are harmless pranksters asking if the refrigerator is running, or if Prince Albert is still stuck in the can.

But the pranks do not end there. Some of the more persistent prank callers are actually retired famous people.

Who can forget the many Cher calls replayed on the nightly network news!? Hilarity. She hasn't been that funny since "Moonstruck". Get over it, indeed.

Another famous crank caller has tried to hide his identity, but was exposed recently by his wife, who was hoping to shame him into stopping: Gerald Ford.

Initially the former President would call and hang up. Then he decided to add "impersonations" to his repertoire. (His "Nixon" is actually pretty good) Lately he has just been calling and breathing heavily or making farting noises with his mouth. Apparently caller ID is beyond the man.

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