has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus. is an internets tube dedicated to spreading liberal and what they call progressive ideals.

It is mostly one gigantic list of links to media articles.

Tubal DetailsEdit

In addition to their enormous collection of links, provides the latest in liberal thinking.

Friend LinksEdit


Why can't I click on Fox? Why have you forsaken me, oh Lord!?

At the bottom of the site they have links to all their whiny friends, including links to all the congressmen and where to get a coupon for free abortions. They even provide "false" links to Real American news sites that (apparently) only work if you hate The Baby Jesus.


Their mailbag consists mostly of letters from old women living in St. Louis who like ellipses.

Any other letters that get posted are the same tired old liberal cries. For example:

  • don't let Scalia destroy the constitution
  • Al Gore won not only the national popular vote but Florida too
  • John Kerry won the election
  • wah, wah, wah, count my vote, Republican assholes!
  • other miscellaneous crybaby, namby-pamby stuff Rush would never talk about

Book ReviewsEdit also encourages their readers to post reviews of books they have actually read with summaries and recommendations.


Somehow is able to trick prominent persons to answer their nosey questions about current events or some other hippie-related topics. Probably drugs, too.

In one of their interviews, Paul Krugman was encouraged to bash Our Glorious Stephen.

No you di'int, Krugman. You just wait until Stephen hears about this. You'll be On Notice so fast your beard will no longer conform to your regular grooming machinations.

E-Mail UpdatesEdit

If you sign up, will promise to fill up your email tube with all the stuff they post on their page, so you won't have time for anything else but deleting all their worthless links to the latest in liberal news.


The most egregious thing about is how they were able to soil the good name of the free market by using it to sell a vast assortment of liberal-themed gadgets.

Drug paraphernalia and sex toys are bound to be in there too, no doubt. Send one to you favorite Occupy Oregon Refuge hero.

External LinksEdit

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