is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

Burundi is officially the Republic of Burundi, is a small country in the Great Lakes region of Africa. No, that can't be right. The only Great Lakes are Lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior, so declared because these are the only lakes that are truly great. It is bordered by Rwanda on the north, Tanzania on the south and east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the west. Although the country is landlocked, much of its western border is adjacent to Lake Tanganyika. The country's modern name is derived from its Bantu language, Kirundi.

Geographically isolated, facing population pressures and having sparse resources, Burundi has the lowest GDP per capita in the world, arguably making it the poorest country on the planet. They are doing a great job. Their economy is completely capitalist and they are good buddies with the International Monetary Fund. This means that despite being incredibly poor and downtrodden, they understand that it is important that it is every Burundian for themselves, the backbone for a strong economy anywhere.

Its capital is Bujumbura.

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