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Burqas are evil inventions of the freedom-hating feminazi, who wanted impose their vision of modesty on all women. The feminazi, not wanting to be judged on their freakish bodies, decided that the only way to archive their goal to ultimate absolute equality is to not allow any woman to show her beautiful natural body. They believed that by redefining the notion of "modesty" to completely remove any notion of "beauty", the notion of "ugly", being opposite of "beauty", would disappear over time.

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

Feminazi values equality over liberty.

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

Feminist values liberty over equality.

Karim Abdul ShakirEdit

Karim Abdul Shakir wears a burqa. Chicago is passing a law making it mandatory for all Obamamutants to wear a burqa so they don´t have to look at Obamaninjas all day. Ameropamutants want Karim Abdul Shakir to train Croatia how to build a kebab stand so they can sell more Cola and fries.

Obama Mutant Ninja BurqasEdit


Hillary Clinton's Burqa.

Sidwell Friends school has made burqas mandatory because the students there did not want to have to look at mutants all day. Michelle Obama will also be asked to wear a Burqa when visiting the United States and Spain.

The Drag BurqaEdit

Militant Islam is becoming ever more westernized than before. After adopting assault rifles over swords, Militant Islamic members are adopting the drags. Chief cleric of the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque Maulana Abdul Aziz in Islamabad, Pakistan was captured in full-length black burqa by a female police office who was checking women fleeing the mosque. This raises the interesting question of how many more of these drag queens there are in Pakistan.

The Burqa MysteryEdit

What is beneath the Burqa is a giant mystery in the cyberspace. Different Internet mimes were created over the many different speculations and confusion.

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