Burdens Of The Office
is Very Manly™.

The Son watches over The Greatest President Ever to help carry the burdens.

Now that The Father has called a black man to be America's president, His purpose for that office has become clear: no chicks allowed (thin or otherwise).

With that part of His plan in place, The Lord decided that whosoever is accepts His gift of presidency should first be able to pass a simple test of worthiness before bearing the burdens of the office.

These burdens are unique to the office of America's presidency and have consequences for the entirety of America's Planet, so it is vital that the man who holds the office be able to pass God's test for him, know what the burdens are and pray to The Baby Jesus for the strength to uphold the honor and dignity of the Presidency.

The TestEdit

  • are you a man?
  • are you American?
  • are you rich?

The BurdensEdit

  • be confident
  • keeping America safe
  • protecting the sanctity of America's women
  • bringing democracy to the rest of America's Planet
  • solemn responsibilities
  • lead the cause of freedom
  • advance the cause of peace
  • be moral leaders


Of Not Passing The TestEdit

Of Failing To Carry A BurdenEdit

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